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2019 Application for Active and Honorary APS Membership

Receipt Deadline:  July 31, 2018

We welcome applications for active and honorary membership.  Active membership in the APS is for professionals residing in the United States or Canada who have distinguished themselves as child healthcare leaders, teachers, scholars, policymakers, and/or clinicians and whose important contributions are recognized nationally or internationally.  Honorary membership is given to professionals residing outside the United States or Canada who have made internationally recognized contributions to child health.



  • CV from your Nominee.  The CV should contain the Nominee's professional information, background and complete bibliography.
  • Proposing Member's essay.
  • Reprints.  Two (2) that are representative scholarly contributions authored by the nominee.
  • Seconder Member. - Name and email address required. 


  • Use your APS Member email and password.
  • Enter information for Nominee and seconding Member (must be completed by the Proposing Member).


As always, continue to spread the word as we prepare to nominate distinguished colleagues.

For Additional Information please Click Here
Or contact the APS Central Office at info@aps-spr.org or call (346) 980-9710

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